Saturday Sidecar Shopping in Shanghai

Jon has been wanting Chang Jiang sidecar motorcycles for a long time. When Abram got a sidecar and then got deported for driving without a license, his wish was put on hold. (See the video Abe took of himself being escorted to jail here.) However, recently Jon got his Chinese driver’s license and Steve is just a step away from getting his.

Every show room should offer beer to its customers.

After looking around for a while, one guy said to the other, “I’ll do it if you will.” I’m still not sure who instigated the actual purchases.

Trying to decide on paint color – Jon is getting a maroon color like this with silver pinstripes, and Steve is getting light silver with just slightly darker silver flames.

Steve getting driven to the nearest ATM for the cash deposit.

If all goes well, in 40 days two custom-made and painted Chang Jiang’s will arrive in Shanghai! I think it will be a LOT of fun cruising around in them!

2 Responses to Saturday Sidecar Shopping in Shanghai

  1. I hope it wasn't me buying my bike on one of Steves last visits to the shop that convinced them!!
    Sure it will be a lot of fun !
    waiting to pick up my bike in about 2 weeks from now as well!!!


  2. Roy, I'm pretty sure that they didn't need much convincing. I actually wish they would have bought them 2 months ago so we could have enjoyed it during the cooler part of summer!

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