Fashion at People’s Square – Part 1

The other day, Jon, Shane and I decided to sit outside and have a Corona (when it’s warm out I have a strong desire to sit in the sun and drink Corona) at a little cafe on Nanjing Lu. The spot is just perfect for people watching! I’m going to have a 3-part series on some of the fashions we observed.

This style is pretty common in Shanghai. To me, it seems a bit too frilly and old-fashioned, like either something a child or a grandma should wear. Notice the man carrying the purse.

Everyone wears black shorts and often colorful or black tights. I don’t get the colored tights, since they don’t match anything. Also, I’m used to shorts being worn by themselves. If it’s not hot enough to wear just shorts, why wear shorts then?

Red pants, green shirt and an orange, permed mullet. I have nothing more to say.

This girl dressed as a maid walked by 3 times. We were pretty curious as to why she was dressed like that. I thought maybe she was promoting one of those Japanese maid cafes?

The girl in the pink had nice coordination going on with the pink umbrella, pink shirt and skirt with gray and pink plaid. Not sure why teal tights and baby blue sneakers needed to be added!

Parts 2 and 3 will be published the next 2 days. If you can’t get enough of Shanghai fashion, check out Fashion Friday at I Love China, and Shoe Tuesday at ISpyShanghai.

4 Responses to Fashion at People’s Square – Part 1

  1. Nice work Emily. I must get out with my camera this weekend. I have some specific shots I am looking for so I will have to sit patiently and wait for what I want to come along.

    Love the sexy French maid outfit best, but I think that's just me!

  2. Mojo Cafe by the Sofitel, right?

  3. To the orange mullet lady, that other lady is not your friend. If she was, she would not let you go out like that, especially since she herself is quite fashionable.

    Nice pics Emily!

  4. WoAi – Yes, it is the Mojo. Great for people watching, huh? Did you get some photos this weekend?

    Amy – Nice observation. A true friend would tell you!

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