Sensor dust – gone!

Today we went to the photo mall with William. He picked up a nice lens, I picked up a Canon 5D Mark II, we got Jon’s old camera fixed, and I got my Rebel XT sensor cleaned. That’s supposed to be pretty dangerous to do, but the guy there did it in about 3 minutes for 100 RMB. No problems at all.

Before – the black dots are where all of the dust was.

After – nothing!!

2 Responses to Sensor dust – gone!

  1. 5d Mk II??? So envious. I only recently got the original 5D and all I can say is once you go full frame you’ll never go back, it’s just fabulous. Actually, I’m more than happy with the Mk I.

  2. Yeah, I’ve only had it about a day and I LOVE it. I was debating if I really should get it or not, but as soon as I took one test shot I was hooked!!

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