I Heart Faces photo contest

I read a lot of photography blogs, and recently discovered one called”I Heart Faces.” It seems to be a lot of blogging moms with photos of their kids – not me, but I like faces and contests so I think I will attempt to enter some. They have two photo contests each week. This week is “Pout” and “Pets.”

This is probably the best pout I have.

Click on the button below to check out their blog.

7 Responses to I Heart Faces photo contest

  1. cute entry!

  2. She’s adorable!
    Great capture.

  3. What a sweet little pout! Beautiful girl!

  4. beautiful and very pouty!

  5. maggiemae and family

    she is a beauty!!

  6. so sweet :) I have a picture of a pout too… It isn’t easy being small and not being able to get your own food (my youngest nephew Rowan – he is quite able to get his food now :D) Check him out on (there might be a password, I keep forgetting)

  7. She is so cute! :-) What a pretty picture – even with that pout!

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