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Jon and I have been here before, but the posters get changed around and also we like to support this guy’s effort. It’s a personal collection of Propaganda Posters, most of which were supposed to be destroyed after the Cultural Revolution. It’s just 20 RMB for entrance to the tiny, two-room museum.

It’s a little hard to find. First, go to 868 Huashan Lu, near Fuxing Lu. 华山路868号, 近复兴西路 The guard will hand you a card with a little map on the back. You’ll go to the right (north?) side of the complex to Building B. Then, just go down one floor and to the left.

We usually buy something there. Last summer we bought this poster, and just now finally got around to getting it framed! You can buy an original English copy of the “Little Red Book” for 300 RMB. I didn’t realize that many copies were printed in other languages to spread Mao’s view on communism.

It was printed in 1968 and says: The Working Class Must Lead All The People

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  1. Wow I was a bit surprised to read such direct criticism of Mao on their website. Isn’t he taking a bit of a risk?

  2. The first paragraph of the website is a bit harsh. In the museum, there is nothing that direct. I think in the museum it is quite obvious he tried to be very neutral.

    There are only a couple places in the museum where an opinion could even be states (introductions to the various time periods) – the rest is just posters with direct translations of what they say.

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