Harbin – February 15

Jon had a meeting in Harbin, so we went up on a Saturday for the weekend. Harbin is very close to Russia – it has a lot of Russian influence and the city looks nothing like other Chinese cities.

It is frigid there. See my really cute hat? Shannon sent it to me along with a scarf and I think I would have died without it. This is the main pedestrian street. (She sent me another hat and scarf set – you can see it here on her blog. I feel a little bad cause the scarf sounds like a real pain in the rear. But it is really cool!!)

We ate Russian food here – a pretty small place but with good food.

The entrance to the Ice Sculpture Park. We went there the first day and I didn’t even have long underwear on. Not a good idea. We decided to really be comfortable, you’d need snow pants or heavy coveralls. And awesome boots – Jon thought he might lose a toe!

On the second day we bought face masks for 10 RMB and that made life a LOT better. The wind is so frigid. We still had to go warm up about every hour. It really is freezing. We thought we were tough South Dakotans, but we were acting more like Floridians!

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  1. Shannon also likes the mention on your blog. :)

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