Wine Tasting

At the grocery store today, Steve wanted to get a bottle of wine just because it had a cool bag covering it. Jon commented that he wanted to try a bunch of wines, but he was afraid he had too much against some of the Chinese wines. We noted the huge price difference in foreign wines, local wines, and the high end Chinese wines.

We decided to do a taste test.

We bought four bottles of wine, as pictured below.

We bought the lowest cost wine we could find – a bottle of Tesco “dry red wine.” It says “Imported From Spain.” Dragon Seal and Great Wall are Chinese wines – not known to be that great, but we wanted to give it a chance. Also, the Great Wall was expensive and a 1994 Cabernet Sauvignon. Lindemans is an Australian wine, a 2007 Shiraz Cabernet.

I printed out a wine tasting scoring sheet, and served, in random order, the wine to Jon and Steve for a blind taste test.

They both wanted to pour out the Dragon Seal wine with the bag Steve had liked.

Jon thought the Tesco tasted best, while Steve liked the most expensive one best (which Jon placed 3rd). Steve had placed the Tesco brand second. We agreed that for 15.5 RMB, the Tecso one was the best value and very drinkable. We were a bit surprised at that.

Final Placing – Jon
#1 Tesco
#2 Lindemans
#3 Great Wall
#4 Dragon Seal

Final Placing – Steve
#1 Great Wall
#2 Tesco
#3 Lindemans
#4 Dragon Seal

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