Cost of food in Shanghai

My friend Lura still gives presentations on the SDARL class visit to China. She said she gets asked a lot how much food is here. I put together a list for her, and it was quite the eye-opener!! We spend SO much more money on food here.

If we ate more local, it would be much better. Rice and vegetables are cheap. (Though the rice is bulk and you can watch hundreds of people dig their fingers though it – remember hand washing isn’t so common here – and the vegetables are probably grown either in “night soil” or with massive amounts of chemicals.) However, we like things like bread, milk, and meat.

There are 25 things on my list. 13 of those are more than twice as expensive as they are at home. Only five things are less expensive here.

One of the things we spend the most on is milk. In the US, we’d pick up a gallon of Hy-vee brand milk. After the milk contamination scare here, we began buying imported milk. Now, we have to buy 4 boxes to get a gallon. At home a gallon is $2.87; here the same amount is $11.47. That is a 300 % increase. Yes, 300%.

I guess the answer is “stop drinking milk.” However, we really like milk and it’s where we get our calcium from.

Click on the images for some more comparisons.

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