The Orphans’ Christmas

On Christmas Day, we took the day off work and went to a Christmas party held by a couple of friends I know through book club. A couple husbands are professional chefs at major hotels here, and they cooked for us!

There were actually 2 huge turkeys! Plus lamb and pork.

Rito and Rolf.

Stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy….

Alicia, Jo and Suzy making a special Australian (New Zealand, really) dessert. The crust was baked meringue!
We did a Secret Santa gift exchange and also donated money to an organization that provides disabled people with wheelchairs who can’t afford to buy one. We were able to purchase 10 wheelchairs.

It was a great time. The holidays have been hard for all of my family members; it just reminds you of what is missing.

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