Dawn til Dusk

Photojojo has an article today about taking photos of a city from Dawn until Dusk. It’s a pretty interesting concept.

I think in Shanghai you could do it all 24 hours – something is always happening. It would make a good coffee table book. Any other photographers willing to try this sometime? WoAi, Swiss James, Dingle…. I think all of you are photographers!

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  1. Well Emily, Swiss James and Dingle both own cameras, but I’m the only real photographer in the trio! I’m certainly up for trying new things so I will look in to it when I get back from the holidays in January. I need specific projects to force me to get out with the camera so this sounds like a good idea.

  2. I wouldn’t really consider myself a real photographer either, but I do like to pretend I am sometimes! I feel like I should have taken a lot more photos of old and new Shanghai in the past 1.5 years… all I have is snapshots. We’ll have to discuss this further in several weeks.

  3. Sounds good to me. I’m around from 5th January and the other members of the 3 Amiblogs (James and Dingle) are too.

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