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It’s been a month since I updated, and two months since I actually wrote anything substantial. I will make an attempt to get back into it a little bit. Please do keep coming back…

My friend/co-worker Steve who is moving to China said his mom checks my blog daily. Hi, Steve’s mom! I see my counter is still going up so I guess some people are still interested. Steve said that my blog was a reason some of his friends and relatives had a realistic view of what Shanghai is like. That was pretty much my purpose in blogging – to share some of my experiences with everyone back home.

The bad news is that my blog is blocked in China again. What a bummer. I hosted it on my own domain ( instead of because blogspot used to be blocked. The only thing that I can think of is that I said “p r a y e r service” in a post about Jared. I can’t think of any other reason that the internet censors of China would find my blog suddenly a threat to the Chinese people. My whole domain is blocked so no one can get to either.

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  1. hi sweetie! Is the block on your site also the reason that I can’t see any of the pictures from your earlier stories? I’m curious about them!
    Looking forward to flat Stanley! Hugs from Holland and a big kiss for Jon ;)

  2. I’m able to access it without any problems so I think it was temporary and to be honest, “prayer service” would not be enough to get a site blocked, but sometimes I have had my own site blocked because of a blanket block on the service provider / host I was using and I had to switch hosts. So it might have been someone else causing the block.

    Good to see you back on your feet though.

  3. Inga – I was trying to use another method of uploading photos since blogger wasn’t working so well. The new method didn’t either, but I think I managed to fix everything now!

    WoAi – I tried to come up with any reason for my site to be blocked and that was as far as my imagination could stretch. The blanket block would make sense; maybe it was even just a problem with the provider? I don’t really care since it’s back up!

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