The Suzhou Skyscreen

In Suzhou, a company is building a skyscreen similar to Freemont Street in Las Vegas. It is NOT a Daktronics screen (we choose not to even bid this project.) It was supposed to open in a couple days but is way behind schedule. Keyframe does have a contract for two 5-minute animations and about 25 30-second clips. We went onsite to try and see how our content would look from the ground.

Another photomerge… I love that feature!

The skyscreen doesn’t seem so big when you are there. Above us, workers were welding in some places. (Don’t worry mom, I was VERY careful.)

It’s OK to smoke while handling tanks, right? I was hoping whatever was in them or had been in them was not flammable.

This guy was being very safe. Instead of letting all of the sparks fly everywhere he used a board to block most of them.

I always think it is very interesting to visit construction sites (more so where Daktronics displays are being put in) but in China I am always a bit relieved to have made it safely off site. I have tried to find statstics on death on construction site, but either it is covered up or no one actually cares enough to keep track of the migrant workers. You always hear “Only 11 people died builiding the Golden Gate bridge.” I checked and about 100 died building the Hoover Dam – I am positive the number would be in the thousands for building the Three Gorges Dam.

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