Bad baby milk

I am sure everyone has heard about the chemical-laced milk that gave hundreds of babies kidney stones. I am just dumbfounded on how this can happen. Some person is poisoning babies just so they can make some extra money with this watered-down milk.

In China, you have to believe everything is fake, even medicine. In Macau, I bought cold medicine that turned out to have photocopied safety information. It is so strange to not be able to trust products here. One of Jon’s salespeople said he can actually feel the difference when he takes vitamins we brought back from the US instead of vitamins he buys here. (Obviously not every product is fake, but there is enough of a problem that most people are careful about it.)

Why doesn’t this happen at home? I’m really glad it doesn’t, but why should it happen here? Are people more ruthless and don’t care about who they might hurt to make an extra buck? Are there so many more regulations in the USA that it doesn’t happen because it is so much more difficult?

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  1. Hi Emily — I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog! It’s so interesting to read about life in another country. I was looking at the blog from Lura’s bachelorette party and saw the link to your blog So I hopped over and have been having fun looking at the pictures. I kept thinking of you guys during the Olympics. But now I realize you’re not even in Beijing! Say hi to Jon for me. Hope all is well! Kathy

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