Saturday Night

On Saturday, we fit in a trip to the Bund, the grocery store, the Propaganda Poster Museum (which is walking distance from our apartment), a walk through a bit of the French Concession, the Pearl Market, lunch at Bukharra (an Indian restaurant), a Dutch movie our friend Inge brought over, a nap, a quick stroll on Nanjing Lu, a drink at 789 Nanjing Lu, and a couple beers at the Captain’s Bar. It was a busy day. (These are all Esther’s photos.)

I like this photo of us! I feel like we are on a movie set or something.

I’ve wanted to go to the Captain’s Bar for a while now, and it was on Esther’s to-do list because a co-worker had told her about it. It’s on the top of a hostel and the cheapest bar with a Bund view. Granted, the cheapest with a Bund view is still expensive! A draft Chinese beer was 45 RMB. We buy the bottled beer at the convenience store next to our house for about 4 RMB.

Anyway, we had a really good time talking about all of our memories (or lack thereof) from Sweden and discussed who we’d kept in touch with and who was doing what.

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  1. The first photo was fabulous! Yeah, just like in a movie set :D

  2. oh, I love reading how you’re doing fun stuff – wish I was there too! Also meeting Esther again would be fun! Wish I could step into the subway and get out under your house… too bad for the 10 hours, 700 euro flight in between :(

  3. Hi Em,

    Thanks for writing an actual report on my trip over there, will refer my friends to your blog ;-)

    Love the black and white of our mirror picture!

    See I missed out on some cool pics in Yuyuan Garden, will have to come again in a little while…

    Take care and see you in Spain or Belgium!!

  4. Delphy – yeah, I love that photo! I have so few photos of Jon & I…

    Inge – We'll be here for a while yet; your chances aren't over. Next time come in Spring or Fall though. :-)

    Esther – DEFINITELY will see you in Spain or Belgium! (Spain sounds really nice…. we just met a guy who commutes to London from Spain for work…)

  5. Hej Emily,

    Yeah, chances are I WILL be coming over again, because my mom wants to go and see Shanghai!!! It’s nothing for my dad, he likes his vacation calm and quiet, so Shanghai might not be the right choice… :D

    So, were looking into it!!

    Big hugs,

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