One of the things that we still can’t quite get used to is that traditionally the babies don’t wear diapers, even when they are a few months old. They have pants with a split in the crotch, and when they have to go they just go anywhere. Perhaps a curb or drain, or the metal grate around a tree on the sidewalk. (or in Tiananmen Square, see this post.) Now, it is MUCH better for the environment that 1.3 billion people did not or do not wear disposable diapers – that is wonderful. But, having human excrement anywhere is not so wonderful. I also can’t quite get used to private parts not being private. This little guy was just playing around but when he squatted down there was nothing private anymore….

It poured rain most of the day. We went to Tiger Hill, which the guidebook says is usually packed. The great thing about the rain was that there was almost no one there.

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  1. Yeah! you finally got to Suzhou :) I did not go to Tiger Hill…it look beautiful, esp. in the rain. And you went to the Bookworm there? The one along the canal? That’s the one I went to visit before it was even built…

    ps: ya know, we have known each other for over a year now — the anniversary of that fun trip (well, non-trip for you!), out of china has come and gone!

  2. Wow, you are right! It’s been a year. So when are you coming back to China to visit? You know you have a place to crash!

    I still have to giggle out loud when I think of our black tank tops and pink pants… :-)

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