Devil kitty…

Her eyes are like lasers in this photo!

Here is Boots’ new kitty tower. It’s pretty cool. She loves it so much that I even threw away her box. She sleeps on the second tower, and lays under it too. She won’t get in the hammock though.

I think it is exactly like the one fellow blogger WoAi got for his cat Tommy, who actually looks a bit like Boot’s sibling. Boots’ still has a couple mice hanging from the top levels, which she loves to bat at.

2 Responses to Devil kitty…

  1. LOL, that is the exact same one that Tommy has and loves. He alternates between the highest and second highest levels, and just like Boots, he never uses the hammock, although to be fair, he’d never fit in it.

  2. I know it’s the exact same one – we looked at the 20 different models but agreed this one was the best! It seemed to have the most levels.

    I bet Tommy could fit in the hammock. He’s not as big as Boots. I don’t think she’ll ever use it though. Too weird to step in a swinging thing.

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