Susan’s Pearls

At the Hongqiao Pearl City is a shop called Susan’s Pearls. We buy all of our pearls there and take all of our Dak guys there to buy pearls for their wifes, girlfriends, moms, etc. We actually are such good customers that we don’t have to bargain anymore. Jon S. took these photos to go along with the gifts.

If anyone needs any type of pearls, just email me! I would love to start a business exporting them. They are so inexpensive here and so valuable in the US.

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  1. Is Susan’s Pearls still in business. I bought four or five tiny sets of pink pearls for newborns. I need to buy more and wanted to start with her. Monica was a friend of a friend. Thanks!

    Cathy Carol

  2. Cathy: yes, Susan is still in business.

  3. Emily,

    I never went back to the site and did not know you replied. So, I am at the right site?

    Cathy Carol

  4. Exactly where do I go to buy pearls from Susan’t shop?

  5. Where do I go to order Susan’s pearls? What is the website? This page is full of neat info, but I want a catalog of sorts to peruse. This time, I’m buying pearls for myself. Thanks!

  6. Hi Emily

    Is it possible for you to send me information on export opportunity’s? I’m living in SA starting a guesthouse and would like to have a display of pearls in the guesthouse.

    Kind regards Susan de Villiers or

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