Boots got a new toy – a kitty tree house with 4 different levels. She likes to sit on it and look out over the city.

I have to admit, her new favorite thing is due to the fact I saw it on WoAi’s blog! His kitty Tommy has one. Wendy ordered it from China’s version of eBay for us (everything was in Chinese.) The best part is that it was about 1/3 of what it would cost in the USA.

Oh, and she likes it so much that she hasn’t sat in her box AT ALL since we got it.

Occasionally I like to use my 50mm 1.8f lens. It makes it super easy to get photos with just one area in focus.

2 Responses to Boots

  1. Emily that’s great, I am glad you managed to get one and it sounds like Boots loves it just as much as Tommy who never even LOOKS at his old house anymore.

    How about some wider pictures so we can see Boots enjoying the tree house.

    Glad you (oops I mean Boots) is happy with the new purchase!

  2. I took a few but they are pretty boring. I will get some better ones! I checked out Tommy’s house again and it seems his ladder and hammock aren’t up. Boots also has 2 mice hanging from the top levels she likes to bat at. Really, thanks for posting the link to Tao Bao!! We never would have gotten it otherwise.

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