The Blarney Stone

Friday night Jon Settingsgard and Steve Gokie and I went to the Blarney Stone for supper and some drinks. Jon came later after he got back from Hong Kong. At 1:30 AM they rang the bell for last call. Soon after than, a large group of girls came in. A couple had on Canada shirts and
all of them had Olympic passes. The soccer events are held in Shanghai.

A quick Google search on my cell phone brought up the headline “Canada falls to US in women’s soccer.” The team was there to drown their sorrows or else celebrate just being at the Olympics. They certainly livened up the bar!

Jon, Jon and Steve

Jon hanging out – don’t you love his new glasses?

They put on some great American music… I miss this!!

Me and Christine Sinclair, the team captain. We think she looks bit like our friend Jen Connors, but not in this photo.

Jon then bought a bottle of vodka for them. They were pretty excited, but got his name wrong. :-)

Needless to say, the bar stayed hopping long, long after closing time. One of their coaches told us that this was the first time in over a year the girls even drank.

2 Responses to The Blarney Stone

  1. Funny! True Olympic moment…soccer players dancing on tables.

  2. Wow a whole year without a drink! Seems a bit extreme for a womens soccer team, but I guess that’s what it’s all about – sacrifice! I wonder if they lost on purpose so they could all get drunk finally!

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