Olympic Venues

Now that I’m in Beijing I wish I would have tried to get tickets for something. Actually, I probably only would be super interested in the opening ceremony. I’m not so big into sports.

But, being here 1 day before 08/08/08, my co-worker Yvonne and I had to check out the most famous things – the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube. Hundreds of other people also had this idea!

The Bird’s Nest. The whole Olympic village was blocked off (obviously) so all photos are taken through the fence.

The Water Cube. LED lights behind the bubble-surface make it change colors.

I totally don’t get this sign. No exploding cars from 6 AM to midnight? The taxi driver said it was to warning drivers not to bump into other cars, but I’m not buying that. Any other ideas?

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  1. Beautiful photo!!!
    I always wish I can photo the bird’s net and water cube:)

    That sign means no permission to cars carrying any exploding goods from 6am to midnight.
    For example, the car deliverying firecrackers can not use this road from 6-24.

  2. me either.

  3. Zoe, you are brilliant!

    After seeing the millions of fireworks at the opening ceremony, a sign telling the drivers not to deliver them between those hours makes sense. Thanks for clearing up that mystery!

  4. Beautiful photographs Emily! Maybe the sign is letting people know that car birthday cakes are not allowed just any time of day. I have been involved with many embarrassing car cake moments.

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