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Tuesday I went to Beijing to give training. Since everyone is freaked out about the air quality in Beijing, I thought I would post a few links about it.

Here is one article with lots of good links, like to and Clean Air Initiatives Asia. Here are photos of US athletes wearing masks in the airport. That got a lot of attention, but no one mentions that locals wear those surgical masks a lot too!

I just learned that the average Air Pollution Index in Beijing is 100, which is six and a half times the World Health Organization’s guidelines for long-term exposure. Great. Shanghai’s is lower, but not that much lower!!

Does Rolls Royce really make airplanes for Air China?

You actually don’t see many white fluffy clouds here, so I thought these deserved a photo.

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  1. Emily Rolls Royce is one of the largest manufacturer of engines for aircrafts and they’re used on both Boeing and Airbus planes, so if you buy an Airbus, of which, Air China has many, chances are the engine will be a Rolls Royce engine.

  2. Thanks for the info! So it is kinda like our Jin Bei – it has a Toyota engine so they stuck a Toyota logo on it along with the Jin Bei emblem.

    I’m glad airlines use Rolls Royce instead of Jin Bei though.

  3. Emily – Not exactly no. Jin Bei has a joint venture partnership with Toyota so they collaborate on some models. With Rolls Royce, they just make the engines for Airbus and Boeing but the planes are still Airbus or Boeing planes rather than Rolls Royce planes.

    It’s more like Intel who make the processors for Apple MacBooks, but the computers are still called Apple.

    Also, Toshiba makes the hard discs for the iPod Classic, etc etc.

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