Harley-Davidson Shanghai

Chad needed to go to the Shanghai Harley-Davidson store to pick up gifts for his family. There are stores in Beijing, Qingdao and Shanghai.

Chad and Jon with the owner of the store. He pulled up on his bike just as we were leaving. He must have some REALLY good guanxi – bikes are actually illegal inside of Shanghai’s 3rd elevated road and have to be registered in Beijing.

We stumbled upon a park a couple blocks from the store so decided to check it out. It was a little strange – it didn’t seem like a Chinese park at all. Here we even got the whiff of freshly cut grass. That’s not something you experience very often in Shanghai.

The park was pretty much empty too – this is very unusual!

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  1. Emily; enjoyed reading about your visit to Shanghai Harley-Davidson dealer. The general manager is Hollis Zhou and he is a great guy willing to help anyone learn more about Harley’s in China…in fact beginning in December 2008, riding large motorccyles (ala Harley) is permitted as long as owner has a a Shanghai “A” license plate. This is similar to Beijing and freat news for motorcyclists in Shanghai!! Steve in Shanghai

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