the Radisson Sky Bar

When Hanna and Henrik were here, we looked at the Radisson bar from the Le Meridian and thought it “looked pretty cool.” We decided to try it.

Upon arrival, we decided it wasn’t cool. There was a band from the Philippines, singing cheesy songs and doing bad dancing.

Chad and Jon hurrying to finish their drinks so we could leave. :-)

“Silver threads and golden needles…”

More dancing/singing madness…

This guy was great…. permed mullet, fanny pack, orange pants and what appeared to be a Wii guitar.

2 Responses to the Radisson Sky Bar

  1. Wow – seems like quite the cultural experience. That guy’s outfit is priceless!

  2. I shouldn’t judge – you know 20 years ago every girl in the US was dressed like that! It is interesting to see how fashion is incredibly different where ever you go.

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