Poor Boots!!!

Today I took Boots to the vet. When Inge was here, we noticed that she seemed to be getting scrapes on her neck, then one appeared on her chest. Yesterday the one on her chest seemed to be getting even bigger, so we decided she should get looked at.

I took her to PAWS which may be one of the only foreign-run vets in Shanghai. The first thing he said was, “I’m going to have to shave her to get a better look.” So, she has a funky haircut now. Luckily, it is NOT fleas!! The doctor thinks that it is a fungal infection. We just have to put ointment on twice a day.

I also asked if she was too fat. The answer: yes. He said to be fair, she is a “large lady” – she has a big head and is long (sorry Boots, you are just big-boned.) She weighs 5.85 kilos right now and he wants her to get to 5 kilos in 6 months. He talked a lot about how cats typically eat 10 to 20 small meals a day, like mice or other small things, so we feed them all wrong by doing it twice a day. For other cat owners, here is a link to a site that he recommended to me.

You can all help in the fight against obesity by sending her toys! She needs more stimulation. One thing we are supposed to do is feed her 11 tiny meals throughout the day and night, and put them all over the house. Then she has to move to get them (kinda like getting prey).

2 Responses to Poor Boots!!!

  1. hai guys, oh I hope it wasn’t my fault, I hope it wasn’t anything I brought with me from Holland… :( Miss you all, including Boots! I’ll look around for some cool toys :)

  2. We don’t know what it is – the vet said most of the time you never find out. She is OK! See, it’s perfect you brought her toys too. She likes the new mice and the rubber balls!

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