Beijing’s new T3

I think I have blogged about T3 earlier. The place is getting tons of attention, so I guess it is worth a couple posts. Here’s a few more photos.

Security in Beijing is really up. So you definitely want to get there a few hours early (usually to only sit on a delayed plane.) But, due to enough frequent flyer miles on United, Jon and I have access to the business class lounge so we can chill out and work (or not if your laptop is dead) or read while killing a couple hours.

The pollution level is supposed to be down and the air quality way up, according to the media. However, the sky doesn’t seem to have cleared up a lot to me.

Only half the private cars are on the road. At first I was really confused – the city seemed so empty but it should have been filling up for the Olympics? Then I figured it out… half the cars made it seem like there were a lot less people. There is a special lane for Olympic vehicles too.

The airport is new and nice. I did notice that they just fixed some Chinglish too. The escalators used to have signs that said “Take care of oldster and children” but they’ve changed it to “Take care of elderly and children.” I should have gotten a photo earlier.

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