Beijing Railway South

I went up to Beijing to help with the data part of the displays that are being installed now at the new Beijing Railway South Station. It was a huge construction site, and my “head-back-turn rate” dramatically increased. I don’t think many of the migrant worker men expected to see a foreign woman on the construction site.

The Chinese version of the Keyframe logo animation, created by Hugo.

The main hallway – it’s HUGE!

Another one of the 11 displays, in the main hall.

Unfortunately, my laptop crashed! I was working the next day and it crashed. Then repeatedly blue-screened before even getting to the login screen. I was pretty freaked out that all of my data would be lost! That day I flew back to Shanghai and our wonderful IT guys Aaron and Michael had a new laptop waiting for me AND got all of my data off my old one. Whew.

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