People watching

It was much more interesting watching the people at the aquarium than trying to see the fish!

Here we have a nice large man-bag, murse, or whatever you’d like to call it.

Red and orange – anything goes in Shanghai!

Most ladies here wear ankle-high nylons with their sandals or shoes. Another common thing is to wear shoes that aren’t even close in color to the rest of the outfit. (yellow shoes, pink shirt)

Most Shanghai girls wear their shorts short. The almost-mullet crimped hairstyle is popular too.

2 Responses to People watching

  1. Fantastic roundup of Shanghai fashion, especially the men and their manbags. What is going on with that!

    I have to say though as a single guy, I LOVE those short shorts, especially with heels!

  2. lol…. sometimes I wish I had legs that could wear those short shorts!

    Unfortunately occasionally I see girls with legs covered in scabs from scratched mosquito bites all over – yuck. Some girls can wear them but most of us can’t!

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