Boots in a Box

Yesterday, Kelly (sales coordinator from the Beijing office) came to the apartment so she and Jon could put the official company chop on hundreds of bid documents. She brought all of the documents in a box, which Boots loved.

She’s always had a box addiction. This lid is her favorite type of box. The sides aren’t too high, and it’s small enough that she needs to curl up to fit in it.

I think she’s spent about 80% of her time in the box since Kelly gave it to her. At this very moment, she is sleeping in it with her head curled down and tail sticking out. Today I told Xiao Huang not to throw it away since Boots likes it so much. Thanks Kelly!

5 Responses to Boots in a Box

  1. That’s adorable. I’ll be sure to send Boots several boxes! Can you imagine what the mail room would think of that? “Yes, I’d like to send this box of boxes to Emily in China. Thank you!” :)

  2. lol…. and stamped on each of the boxes in the box is “Made in China.”

  3. haha, Boots is so lovely and smart!
    I like her so much!!

  4. Kelly, she loves you too – especially since you brought her box. It is so funny; she won’t get out of it!

  5. Tommy’s long lost sibling!!

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