11 June 2008

789 Nanjing Lu

After dinner we decided the evening shouldn't end just yet. We went to 789 Nanjing Lu, which is the bar at the top of the Le Royal Meridien Hotel. It is on the 65th floor and overlooks Nanjing Lu.

This is the Radission - we haven't been there yet but decided we need to try it sometime. It looks cool!
(These are all Hanna's photos.)

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At 3:41 PM, Blogger IngĂ„ said...

OMG! Everything looks so nice - can't wait to see it for myself! It's just three short weeks away and naturally, preparation is at a stand still. School finals are on their way (no tests, but the projects have to be finished) and I have my overall presentation on the 11th! But then, vacation will be there and I'll be checking out People Park myself in just a matter of days :) See you soon sweeties!!


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