Shanghai guys

As we were leaving Era, I noticed that Dan was carrying Wendy’s purse. You’ll notice many guys in Shanghai carrying cute little purses – mostly belonging to their girlfriends. I promptly complained about how Jon never carried my pink purse…. so he very grudgingly obliged and glared at Dan.

The moment was too good to miss. I don’t think Jon will ever volunteer to carry my purse. He thinks pink isn’t his color.

2 Responses to Shanghai guys

  1. Your observation is correct but more often than not these days, the purse is likely to belong to the guy himself. It’s a global trend I guess driven by the bag manufacturers themselves who have found a new way to grow the purse market!

  2. Man bags! I love them! Tell your guy that pink is the new black. I’ve been seeing so many hip guys wearing pink shirts…

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