Picking up clothes

Wednesday after work we went back to the fabric market to pick up our clothes.

You need to try everything on so they can make adjustments if needed, and check if the buttons are all there, etc.

Hanna and Henrik both got suits made. Hanna’s is a copy of one of mine (which I also had made there.)

I got a couple short-sleeve button down shirts. My boss called just as I was trying them on. Custom made clothing really makes you feel good about wearing it, since it fits perfectly!

(These are all photos Hanna took.)

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  1. Tha fabric market is lots of fun especially for visitors or if you need something for a fancy dress party. Personally I was disappointed with the quality of shirts, specifically, they do not usually put collar stays into the collars so they aren’t rigid enough even if everything else is perfect. Oh and the buttons fell off real quickly on a few of mine, but that’s easy to repair.

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