Hanna & Henrik visiting

Our friends Hanna and Henrik are visiting from June 7 to 16th. We are super excited! We all went to school together in Jonkoping, Sweden (they are Swedish). In 2004, we visited them while they were living in Prague. In 2006, they visited us in South Dakota. We were planning to visit them in 2007 bu we moved to China instead. This year, they came to Shanghai, next summer we are going to Sweden to visit them, and in 2010 we’ve discussed driving Route 66 in the US!

You can read about and see photos from their journey in their travel journal.

All of us celebrating in Shanghai again!

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  1. and here I was, thinking I would be the first – but they beat me again!! I’m beginning to get a bit yealous of Hanna and hendrik… But they must be nice people, so I’ll try to keep nice thoughts :D Can’t wait to follow in their footsteps!

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