About a month ago Jon and I bought bikes. They are the one-speed, basket in front with a rack on the back typical Chinese bikes. It’s great to see our neighborhood from the bike lane!

The store we got them from – it seems that electric bikes are way more popular now.
This type of bike is really popular too. It has tiny wheels and folds so you can take it on the subway or store it in your apartment. I’ve never seen a foreigner on one though.
It seems a bigger bike would be more comfortable and go further for your amount of pedaling.

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  1. Bikes rule! Folding bikes rule even more! They are very popular in Holland too – for on the train and stuff. You see them in all shapes and sizes, bigger wheels, smaller wheels, just great.

  2. jon has the same bike as I! how does he like it? I was surprised that I never really felt like i needed more gears – i got going pretty fast as it was…if i could have shifted to a lower gear and gone even faster, i would have most certainly had a “high speed” crash at some point…

    is your bike white? bei si de bikes = feichang hao.

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