"Head back-turn rate"

In China, it is not considered rude to stare, and since us foreigners look so different, we get stared at a lot. (More than we are used to, anyway.)

When we were in Beijing for a meeting, we had a group of Dakkies at a construction site. The workers were breaking for lunch or something, and I got a video clip of all of the workers doing double-takes as they walked past our group.

My co-worker told me that the term for this is “hui tou lv” meaning head back-turn rate. If a girl has a high hui tou lv, she gets a lot of second glances!

2 Responses to "Head back-turn rate"

  1. well, I’m curious what my back-turn rate will be… They’ll have a lot to look at ;) (but getting less and less each day ;) ) but I guess my red hair will help too (even if it’s not all natural hahaha) Counting the days sweeties! And buy stroopwafels at the bulk ;) (how many kiloos can I take with me?)

  2. It will be high – I promise! :-)

    Jon says, “I @#$%!ing love Stroopwafels!!” So I guess that is “whatever you can carry?”

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