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Jon’s grandmother passed away this week. We found out about midnight Tuesday and were on a plane Thursday. We’ll be in Nisland for about a week.

The plane from Denver to Rapid City was probably the smallest commercial plane I’ve been on – just 32 seats. Jon has taken an even smaller plane in Australia that was a really rough ride.

Leon has had four sets of twin calves already, and he’s only about halfway through calving! This is a twin who’s mother left her, so he’s been keeping her in the shop and feeding her with a bottle. All of the kids were pretty excited to feed and pet her.

I helped make a collage of photos of Grandma Sadie. The service was today and it was really nice. Jenni really made the service the way Sadie would have liked it – from the old country music to the chili pepper cloth and cactus on the coffin. She also wrote an eulogy that really showed Sadie’s character; she had family members smiling through their tears at some of the stories that captured the essence of her personality.

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  1. Dear Emily and Jon, Very sorry to hear about your grandmother. Makes our own issues look like nothing! Hope you keep well so I can come and visit you one day. Big hug

  2. Bill & Karen Geelhart

    Jon and Emily,
    Karen and I are very sorry to hear of your grandmothers passing on. We know that it is only a transition but the pain is real.

    We wil say a rosary for her this week and from the sounds of it she was a wonderful woman.

    Travel safly and take time to heal.

    Love and prayer, Uncle Bill and Aunt Karen Geelhart

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