Zhongshan Park

Today Jon and I went Geocaching in Zhongshan Park. We did a multi-cache and a micro cache. Almost all of the caches in China are micro caches – due to the number of people they tend to get muggled frequently. It was the first time we’ve been geocaching in Shanghai, and the first time we’ve been to the park. We think in the summer the place must just be packed! We were surprised at the amount of people out and about today.
Balloon vendors are on many of the street corners, not just in the park.

I think it would be impossible to go to a park without see many people flying kites.

Ballroom dancing also can be seen many places. It is a form of excercise, just like Tai Chi. The Bund in the early morning is supposed to be the best place to see hundreds of people doing Tai Chi or ballroom dancing.

We were surprised at the number of activities in the park. We were really surprised to see the bumper boats going, with water spraying and squirt guns in the front of the boat. Too cold!!

This was a self-propelled ride. The two people in each cart had to pedal to make their way around the track. Jon repeated his vow to never go on a ride in China. There was also a small roller coaster. (It was really small, just a child’s ride.)

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  1. Hello! Kelly Amabile told me that I needed to read your blog since I’m moving to Shanghai for a year, starting in August. And then I encountered your geocaching posts. We’re AVID geocachers and have already downloaded the coordinates for a bunch of Shanghai caches. How fun is this?

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