Singapore Airport

Daktronics just put a new display in the Singapore Airport for EyeCorp. I was there to do training January 7-10. The display looks great.

We had to get special passes to get through security without boarding passes, and more security clearance to go up behind the display.

I wasn’t the only one taking photos of the display! It is always funny to me to see other people taking photos. I have the right since it is a Dak display, but I always thought people would wonder why anyone would want to take photos of a billboard.

Random info about Singapore

The one thing that I did close to site-seeing was go to a mall to eat supper one night. In the courtyard is the world’s largest fountain. I managed to catch the laser-light show. It was pretty lame. The fountain was just a light mist – I was expecting massive blasts of water shooting through the air!

Singapore was really hot and humid. One interesting thing is that gum is practically illegal. Yes, gum. As in the kind you chew. They want to keep the city pretty. (and it seemed to be working.) In 2004, they lifted the ban, so now you can chew gum IF you have a doctor prescribe it and you register to buy it at the pharmacy.

Singapore was the place where Michael Fay was caned for spray-painting cars in 1994.

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