Happy New Year

Jon and I celebrated by going out for hamburgers and a bottle of wine. Then we watched a few fireworks shows from our balcony,

Have a great 2008!

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    Hi Emily & Jon;
    this is a great picture. It got us to wondering how are fires handled in Shanghai. I mean what water source do they use? Is it the green stuff you mentioned? I would think those beautiful highrises have modern sprinklers but I wonder.

    We enjoyed a show the other night with Andrew Bodine from travel channel on street foods. My goodness the lack of sanitation and “what” he ate was gagging. Have you tried the bugs, crickets, ect? Better have your mom bring a side of beef-smile.

    Ainsley’s baptism is Sunday and Jacobs third is Sat so busy day.

    How can we send you pictures if we want?

    Love, Uncle Bill and Aunt Karen

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