My friends Abbey and Chris have just adopted two boys from Ethiopia who are 4.5 and 6. This and the Christmas seasoning have led me to looking a lot at charities in China lately.

There are quite a few that help orphanages. It’s sad – they say 95% of the kids in orphanages are girls. (Traditionally, girls are less valuable than boys.) Two of them I like are Love Without Boundaries and Half the Sky.

I ordered a Christmas present online through, and Amazon will give 4% of the total price to Love Without Boundaries. If you ever order on Amazon, please go to the LWB website first and click on the Amazon link to order. A few extra seconds of your time means a donation for them!

If you sell on eBay, you can sign up to give from 10 to 100% of the proceeds to Half the Sky. Click here to learn how to do this through MissionFish.

(The photos are of Molly (adopted from China) and Micah and Macy (adopted from Korea.) Molly’s mom works at Daktronics and Micah and Macy’s parents are my cousins. I took their portraits last year.)

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