More from Jakarta

We were able to see that there were actually mountains in the distance only very early on the last morning we were in Jakarta.

View from the hotel room.

All of the hotels, malls, etc. have security guards in front. They will open the trunk and stick a mirror underneath the vehicle to ensure it’s not loaded with explosives. You also had to open your bag or purse, and walk through metal detectors, whenever going into a public building.

Our hotel was just a few blocks down from the Marriott that was bombed in 2003. The Australian Embassy was bombed in 2004.

The companies that I am training are always very good at being with us every moment, and their drivers will take us everywhere so there is no worry about using taxis. Don’t worry Mom – travel here really is not as dangerous as the news makes it seem.

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  1. You are having the most amazing experiences and I love reading about them here. Your descriptions of the food, people and places … everything, are just great!! I look forward to your next adventure!

  2. Hi Em, glad you finally made it to Sydney!! No details on Asia just yet, but will probably leave somewhere in Feb after passing for the stupid drivers license test… Will let you know and hopefully we meet somewhere next year! Take care and enjoy the holidays my friend. x

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