Bathroom Chinglish

My boss Dan found these and sent them to me. They are some of the best Chinglish ever, I think!

This was by the sink.

Yvonne translated for me: Don’t dump your tea leaves and other rubbish down the drain.

Chinese makes a lot of sense in some ways. For instance, here they use pool. “Pool” to us is only something you swim in. In Chinese, it depends on what word is before pool. They would say “swim pool” or “hand pool” (for a sink.) I can’t remember sink exactly – sorry if “hand pool” is wrong!

Washroom (what we call the bathroom) is “xĭ shŏu jiān” ( 洗手间). Word for word, it literally says “wash hand room.”

This was over the urinal.

It is actually a little poem: Lai ye cong cong, qu ye chong chong.

And it means….. Even though you’re hurried, don’t forget to flush!

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  1. Ha Ha Ha

    You’ve done a lot of research in Chinglish. You are a real expert.

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