Macau – The Venetian

The Venetian Macau just opened a few months ago. Abram, Yvonne and I went to check it out for a few hours. They Wynn Macau was the first hotel/casino to bring Las Vegas style to Macau, and the Venetian definitely continued that tradition.

We also did go to a Chinese casino for a few minutes because I wanted to see a casino other than the huge, foreign-owned ones. It was small, with only card games, and we were the only white people there. Everyone stared for a while at us and then we left.

The Venetian has four canals with gondolas. I read that they are also going to have Chinese junks floating in them too.

One of the halls. Besides gambling, the place has hundreds of shops and restaurants. Really, the only thing you could do here is spend money.

This is outside where the taxis drop people off. It’s an amazingly efficient system of six to eight lanes of taxis.

It has the largest gaming floor in the world. Abram snapped this photo before the security guards told him he couldn’t. The place is just massive.

The Venetian also has a few Dak displays! One (double-sided) out front, one at the bus depot and four inside of the arena.

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