Home-grown beef is one of the things we really miss here. Jon bought four steaks the other day, at over $10 per steak. Ouch.

I made him bring back baking supplies that are either impossible to find or super-expensive here, such as chocolate chips, pecans and lemon flavoring, when he went back to SD recently. I also had been craving salt-and-vinegar chips so he brought back those. I’m so lucky to have someone smuggle things home for me. :-)

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  1. Are the steaks more expensive in China ? haha ,that’s unfair ,we got less money than people in U.S

  2. It is way more expensive here! My parents have a farm, so all of our meat is home-grown and butchered locally. It is the best beef ever! :-) (and so inexpensive too.)

  3. OK, so as you know I’m not very good at tech stuff, but I wanted to know if the earthquake has impacted you and Jon’s day to day activities and how?

    Thank you for posting comments on my blog – it’s fun to get comments!

    Talk soon!

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