Wo de mao mao jiao Boots!

What a tubby kitty. She doesn’t have to run up and down three flights of days daily, as she did in our house in South Dakota. Now, she lies in the window sill all day. She has a pretty good life.

We really do play with her to give her some exercise! See how ferocious she is? She’s stalking some string.

3 Responses to Wo de mao mao jiao Boots!

  1. She’s really too fat :0

  2. I have to give her some credit… this photo was taken at her worst angle! She isn’t eating more, just getting less exercise. I think I will have to try to play with her every day.

  3. Wo de mao mao jiao Boots!
    我 的 猫 猫 叫 Boots!

    ta hen ke ai !
    它 很 可 爱

    She is so cute!

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