Ira’s house

We had the honor of being invited to Ira’s house for supper. It was amazing. Many buildings seemed to be a blend of outside and inside, as was hers. For example, one bathroom I was in had an open roof over part of it, with palm trees growing up out of the bathroom floor through it. Most of the buildings had doors wide open, so it seemed as if they had fewer walls.

Ira’s house was built around their pool on three sides. It was very, very open. It just feels like you are outside the whole time.

Her husband is an architect, so every detail of their house was well thought out. See the slates next to the window? Those are permanently there – they don’t close like shutters or move. They are all open to the elements, no screens or anything. Bugs, rain, whatever can come in, but he didn’t want to take away from the design element by enclosing them. It is hard for me to get my head around ever being able to have anything so open (I’m thinking blizzards, dust blowing, billions of mosquitoes, thunderstorms, etc.) but it works for them. How awesome to live in a climate like that! If water comes in, the ayis clean it up. No big deal.

The front entrance, with outdoor patio ahead, the guest room just inside to the right and the pool to the left.

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  1. The house is amazing! I love it ,that’s real life!!!

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