Tiananmen Square

Tianamen Square is absolutely huge! We were there when all of the party members were coming in for the national Communist Party Meeting so things were a little crazy! A lot of things were blocked off and security was everywhere.

Mao’s Mausoleum.

This is what is pretty gross about China. People (especially kids) will pee or poop anyway. Not in a bush, or grass, or on a tree. Anywhere in front of anyone. This mom helped her kid pee in Tiananmen Square! I saw another kid squatting in front of Mao’s Mausoleum! MAO’S TOMB! Nothing is sacred!

There was a virtual geocache at this monument that we logged too! We had to take a photo of us with the GPS to prove we were there.

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  1. Hi Emily and John. karen and I enjoy your blog and wondered if this city is ready for the Olympics
    with squatting down in the streets. Americans will have a hay day if they do. Do you think the city is ready for the Olympics.

    By thge way our e-mail is Ted and Kim had a baby girl on the twenty first of Nov. They named her Ainsley Katherine G. We are so thrilled with her and Jacob calls her his litte sweetie pie. We are honored with them choosing to honor our Kate. We still feel the pain of loss and pray for all who experience this. Your blogs are fun and Ted will be back in Beijine in February. maybe you can get together.

    Hope your both well. Any machine available for you to filter your water. I’ve seen several types on TV and wondered if they would help.

    Wish I could send pictures of Ainsley but your mom has a few (hundred) pictures of her.

    Stay healthy and enjoy your youth.

    Love Uncle Bill and Aunt Karen

  2. In China lkids do pretty much pee anywhere outside, its because there are a lot of workers from the countryside, where they pee anywhere if there isn’t a loo around. Plus the babies wear crotchless trousers so are used to peeing anywhere…

    I think they are ready for the Olympics, but whether the west is ready to accept the Chinese and their culture for who they are is unknown…….

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