Three Gorges Photos

I finally got all of my Three Gorges photos uploaded. They are all here. I’m going to post some of my favorites occasionally though.

This is going through the dam. It is the largest dam in the world now, and we read that the amount of water that it is holding back will actually change how the world rotates on it’s axis. Crazy. It has a system of 5 locks. A bunch of ships sail in, they shut the rear gates, water floods in incredibly fast, they open the front gates and the process is repeated. It was weird sitting at the front of the boat knowing how many tons of pressure was pushing on that gate!

One of the gorges.
This is in Yichang. We spent a night there before getting on the boat. They had a bungee jump over the water! We decided that there’s no way we’d trust a bungee jump in China – especially since we are not slender Asians!

This happens to me all of the time, and I finally got a photo of it. I look up and people are taking photos of me with their camera phone. Yes, I am really white. But there are enough foreigners in Shanghai that I would think I am not so much of a novelty. I’ve seen people trip over things cause they were staring – if they pass me, some people will turn around again several times to look. Jon gets it too. A big guy with bright blond hair attracts a lot of attention. Also, staring is not considered rude here. We’ve found out that if you make eye contact and stare back, they will not look at you again!

The people with my photo on their phones…. I just wonder what they do with it. I mean, would you really put it in an album and say “and this is a white person I saw on my vacation”? Or do they show it to their friends? Look at it for a laugh? Tell their friends they know me?

I do take photos of Chinese people too, but I think they are doing something interesting, like sleeping sitting up on the street or ridng a bike piled high with furniture or something.

2 Responses to Three Gorges Photos

  1. They say “Look at this beautiful foreigner!”

  2. Just start acting bat sh!t crazy next time someone ones to take a snap – wave your arms and stick out your tongue.

    That’ll learn ’em!!

    -R to the Y to the AN

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