Chinglish from the Yangtze River

Before looking at the latest Chinglish I’ve seen, check out a few other sites. I thought I should post a link to a place about the reverse of Chinglish – native English speakers misusing Chinese or Japanese characters.

This site is devoted to the misuse of Kanji characters in Western Culture – it is in English so most people here can read it. also has links to sites in Japanese about this “reverse-Engrish”.

If my rubbish isn’t disposable, is it still rubbish?

This was along a steep dropoff.

On the rails around the Three Gorges visitor center.

No crowdign Thunder Stormy Day?

Does this mean “Don’t push people when it’s raining because the stairs are slippery?”

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  1. Ha ha ha!!! I had a good laugh :) So funny :)

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