This is something you see way too often. Beggars wait around restaurants or shops (especially where Westerners are) and then start pulling on you when you leave. These people were really persistent. They stood in the middle of our group, tugged on our bags, and kept telling Ning that he didn’t give them enough! Usually we ignore them and make a quick getaway, but the cabs were scarce tonight. The little boy just kept yelling, “Hello! Hello! Hello!”

It’s so sad that the parents teach the kids to extract money from people. It’s like telling the kids they’ll never be able to do anything but beg. Parents parade their kids, especially if they are disfigured or disabled, through the subway and make the kids ask for money. I’ve read that there are government agencies that will help find a job for them. I’ve also read stories of parents hurting their kids so people will give them more money. I don’t know how much of that is true though. Either way, it’s a social problem that all big cities have.

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  1. I’ve read some articles on newspapers: many beggers got higher income than average people just by begging. So I won’t give them a cent. I am not happy to help anyone that’s richer than me.

  2. 大傻羊和小笨豆 (Goat and Bean)

    It is a complex problem. The children may be forced to beg by some adults. For the children, they will not have the money.

  3. Hi Emily;
    It is sad that children are exploited but in some cases probably more than you would think this is the only mentality to have food for the family and the govt kills every third child. What you have heard about govt agencies, have you investigated the truth and what the jobs may be. Try to be involved and care not judge.

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