September 11th

A show called “The Flight That Fought Back” was on tonight on the Discovery Channel, about Flight 93, the fourth hijacked plane on September 11th. It’s been six years. SIX YEARS. That hardly seems possible. When I think about it, all of the emotions and memories of that time come back very quickly.

At that time, everyone said we’d remember exactly what we were doing when we heard, like our parents recalled the moment they heard JFK was shot. It’s true. I was driving down 6th Street, in my red ’88 Oldsmobile, going to my first class that day which was Mass Media Law. It really sunk in what was happening when I was turning left on to Medary Avenue. In class, our professor talked about how that day would affect the media. My next class was Spanish, and the advanced class before us had been watching the news in Spanish. That teacher turned it to English for us and we watched the screen in silence, shocked. Our teacher came in and said it was sad but class had to go on. I wanted to walk out then and I still wish I would have.

The next few days were spent glued to CNN, trying to make sense of what happened. Friends skipped work, class, and going out to watch the replay of the second plane smashing into the tower over and over. Cars lined up for hours to fill their tanks with a gas; people were afraid there’d be a shortage. It was impossible to buy a flag anywhere. The newspaper printed flags and I believe there are probably still some of those up in Brookings yet today. On Sept 12th, Megan and I drove to every convenience and grocery store trying to find a national newspaper. We were finally successful at one of the hotels across the interstate. I still have it.

Exactly three months later, I flew back from a weekend in Florida with Jon. I wondered why my flight was so empty, but Jon didn’t tell me that it was because it was December 11th until I arrived home again.

We’re flying home on September 12th for Brad and Niki’s wedding. Now, I’m kind of glad that it’s not on Sept 11th. It’s not something I’d really care to think about for hours over the ocean. I wonder if plane ticket sales still decrease on that date now. I bet they do.

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  1. I am Holly’s friend (in Brookings now) and when I visit her website and find yours. I am surprised to find you are from Sioux Fall.
    Today is the Teacher’s Day in China. Whish you enjoy your holiday in Beijing. X.G.

  2. I still can remember so clearly about that day,September 11Th, I just finished my overtime study in high school and back home. I watched TV as usual and suddenly they live reported this terrible attack. I was totally shocked, first in my mind is oh is that another Hollywood movie? next day I came back to class, and told my classmate about this, and most of them didn’t know and did not care because that happend in the richest country.(we in china) BUt later all people realised that is one of biggest tragedy for human being.

  3. First,most of us just took it as a joke from internet .Then we were shocked greatly!It’s hard to imagine such a horrible thing did happen that day. May God bless u guys from ur country.

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